Freedom to Marry: NOM is “All Bark and No Bite” in Washington State


Press Contact:
Angela Dallara
Communications Associate, Freedom to Marry

(New York, NY, January 18, 2012) – Today, in response to a threat by the so-called National Organization for Marriage to spend $250,000 ousting Republican legislators in Washington state who vote for the freedom to marry, Thalia Zepatos, Director of Public Engagement at Freedom to Marry, released the following statement:

“The so-called National Organization for Marriage is all bark and no bite when it comes to threats against the freedom to marry in Washington state. Any Republican lawmaker in Washington who stands up for loving and committed same-sex couples will be treated as a hero, just as bipartisan support has been applauded in New York and elsewhere in America by gay and non-gay communities alike. Those of us who support marriage have demonstrated time and again that we’ll be loyal to elected officials who make the politically smart and morally correct choice in extending the freedom to marry to gay couples. As NOM travels the country making empty threats, their presence continues to be unwanted by citizens and irrelevant to politicians.”
New York Times article published on January 17 reveals that supporters of the freedom to marry have contributed large financial donations to the four Republican Senators who voted for marriage legislation in New York in 2011. State Senator Roy J. McDonald raised about $447,000 in the six months following the vote – about 27 times more than he had raised in the same time period in 2009 – while the others raised comparable amounts. 
poll conducted by the University of Washington Center for Survey Research in October found that 55% of voters in Washington would support a marriage law approved by the state legislature.
Freedom to Marry is the campaign to win marriage nationwide. We are pursuing our Roadmap to Victory by working to win the freedom to marry in more states, grow the national majority for marriage, and end federal marriage discrimination. We partner with individuals and organizations across the country to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage and the protections, responsibilities, and commitment that marriage brings.