New Poll Finds Increased Support for the Freedom to Marry Among People of Faith in California


July 21, 2010

"Support for the Freedom to Marry Has Grown Significantly" 

Press Contact:
Sean Eldridge
Director of Communications, Freedom to Marry

New York, NY - Statement from Thalia Zepatos, Director of Public Engagement for Freedom to Marry, on a comprehensive new survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, showing a significant increase in support for civil marriage among people of faith in California:

"From this revealing poll on the attitudes of religious communities in California on marriage for same-sex couples, it is remarkably clear that public education about why marriage matters to gay and lesbian couples and their families is moving people of faith to support the freedom to marry. While Proposition 8 was a stunning setback for marriage for same-sex couples, it has proven to be a major catalyst for supporters of marriage, both religious and non-religious, to break through the heat of the campaign and have honest conversations about why marriage matters. These conversations underscoring basic values, like the Golden Rule, have opened more hearts and in turn, support for the freedom to marry has grown significantly. Through open dialogue and an honest discussion of facts, people are more inclined to support marriage. When people of faith hear that clergy cannot be compelled to perform any marriage and that civil marriage licenses are "the ones you get at city hall," support for the freedom to marry increases by 19 points from 42 to 61 percent.  This latest report shows that people are starting to recognize that it is up to each faith to decide for itself how to treat same-sex couples, and that the government should not require the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage."


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