Sergio Lopez Joins Freedom to Marry as Director of Latino Programming


Press Contact:

Angela Dallara
Communications Associate, Freedom to Marry

Washington, DC – Today Freedom to Marry announced the newest member of its staff: Sergio Lopez, a seasoned campaign organizer and Latino media strategist, as the director of Latino programming. Lopez will focus on expanding Familia es Familia, a national campaign sponsored by Freedom to Marry that aims to grow support for LGBT members of the Latino community through partnership with nationally-recognized Latino-based organizations.

“With majorities for marriage growing in communities of color, Freedom to Marry is thrilled to welcome Sergio Lopez as our director of Latino programming to help us elevate the visibility of gay family members in Latino homes and the discussion of why marriage matters to Latino communities,” said Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry. “With more Latinos than ever supporting marriage for same-sex couples, and the rapid expansion of Freedom to Marry's Familia es Familia partnership with leading Latino civil rights groups, we are committed to making sure that Latino voices are heard making the case for the freedom to marry.”

Lopez previously served as political coordinator at People For the American Way, spearheading the Young Elected Progressives program which endorsed 79 candidates on the local level and had a 79% win rate in the 2012 elections. Additionally, Lopez worked closely on marriage campaigns in South Dakota and Wisconsin in 2006 alongside state coalitions. He authored a weekly blog column, called El Chanclaso, for Voto Latino that was regularly featured in the Huffington Post through the November 2012 elections. He currently serves on the boards for the Latino GLBT History Project and Pac+. 

“Winning marriage for same-sex couples is a cause that is close to my heart in both a personal and professional capacity, and I’m eager to take that dedication to the next level in my new role with Freedom to Marry,” said Lopez. “Momentum is on our side, and now more than ever we must do everything we can as Latinos to reach out to our families, friends, and communities. Familia es Familia helps us stand together and do the right thing. No member of anyone’s family should face discrimination, and every person should be able to marry the person that they love.”

Lopez will be based in Washington, DC and officially begins in his new role on February 19. He can be reached at

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