Resources Related to California

Latino Support for the Freedom to Marry

Recent public opinion data show that Latinos – especially Latino Catholics – widely favor the freedom to marry, both nationwide and in key states.

Poll: Majority of Californians Continue to Support the Freedom to Marry

A Public Policy Polling survey found a majority of California voters in support of the freedom to marry.

Testimony: Nancy F. Cott Defends Equal Marriage Rights

An article adapted from Harvard Professor Nancy F. Cott’s expert report submitted in the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Southern Poverty Law Center: 18 Anti-Gay Groups and Their Propaganda

The Southern Poverty Law Center provides a detailed listing of anti-gay groups know for their dangerous propaganda aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Party Principles: Support for the Freedom to Marry by State and National Political Parties

A listing of both state and national political parties that have made strong statements in support of the freedom to marry.

FAQ on Judge Walker’s Ruling Extending Stay in Perry v. Schwarzenegger

FAQ from NCLR on the recent ruling by Judge Vaughn R. Walker to extend stay in Perry v. Schwarzenegger until August 18.

District Court Ruling Strikes Down Proposition 8

The district court decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger affirming same-sex couples' constitutional freedom to marry.

Religion and Same-sex Marriage in California

This groundbreaking poll shows increasing support for the freedom to marry among faith voters in California.

Proposition 8: Who gave in the gay marriage battle?

A database and breakdown of contributions to campaigns from California's Proposition 8.

The Prop 8 Report

This comprehensive report analyzes data from the campaign surrounding California's discriminatory Proposition 8 and outlines a way to move forward.

The World After Proposition 8: A Global Survey of the Right to Marry

An examination of the May 2008 and 2009 California Supreme Court decisions and a survey of the countries that presently allow marriage for same-sex couples.

How an Amicus Brief Helped Organize the Asian American Community to Support Marriage Equality

Democratizing the Courts: How an Amicus Brief Helped Organize the Asian American Community to Support Marriage Equality

Commentary: California’s Proposition 8 Was Always an Uphill Climb

The former head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force reflects on the Proposition 8 campaign.

Commentary: How to Avoid our Past Mistakes

Head of the ACLU's LGBT Project reflects on the lessons of Proposition 8

How the Opposition Passed Prop 8

California's Proposition 8's lead strategists outline their strategy

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