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Latin America’s revolution on the freedom to marry

This year, the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing exactly the same questions that Mexico’s court has already resolved. When the justices take up the gay marriage cases in March, there will be more at stake than the status of American gay and lesbian couples. They will be deciding whether the United States will fall behind as its neighbors establish a new standard of human rights, or whether it will join a revolution that is well underway.

The World After Proposition 8: A Global Survey of the Right to Marry

An examination of the May 2008 and 2009 California Supreme Court decisions and a survey of the countries that presently allow marriage for same-sex couples.

Argentina: President defends marriage equality bill

A video of Argentina President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner defending a bill that would legalize the freedom to marry in her country.

Latin America’s Support for Same-Sex Marriage

A study from Americas Quarterly examines public opinion on the freedom to marry across several nations.

Special Report: The Marriage Equality Debate

A broad discussion of the debate surrounding the freedom to marry

International Research Project on same-sex unions in Europe

Other publications on the freedom to marry in Europe

Timeline Of Gay and Lesbian Marriage, Partnership or Unions Worldwide

Continuously updated by UK Gay News

“We Only Want Equal Rights”: How the Netherlands Got Same-Sex Marriage

An interview of one of the leaders the marriage movement in the Netherlands

Swedes support full marriage equality

71% of Swedes favor the freedom to marry.

Record numbers of Australians in favor of marriage equality

A report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission recommends that laws discriminating against gay people be removed.

Majority in Israel support gay couple’s rights

56% of Israeli's agree it is good or necessary to afford gay couples pension and survivorship rights.

GAY MARRIAGE: For Better or for Worse? What We’ve Learned From the Evidence

This book looks to Scandinavia where gay and lesbian couples have enjoyed the rights and benefits of marriage since 1989.

South Africa’s Constitution Court Ruling for the freedom to marry

Including South Africa's marriage/civil union bill

Civil Marriage Act, Statutes of Canada 2005, chapter 33

Read Canada's marriage law

Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero defends equality and freedom for all

Complete text of the Prime Minister's speech

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