Resources Related to Oregon

The Coquille Indian Tribe, Same-Sex Marriage, and Spousal Benefits: A Practical Guide

A survey of the national marriage landscape and guide for same-sex couples married by the Coquille Indian Tribe.

Gay marriage in Oregon? Tribe says yes

An article on the first same-sex couple to legally wed in the Coquille Tribe.

Mailers with Personal Stories and Info about Why Marriage Matters

Handouts used in Oregon’s public education campaign about why marriage matters to gay and lesbian couples.

Oregon Census Snapshot

Demographic and economic information about same-sex couples and same-sex couples raising children in Oregon.

The Impact on Oregon’s Budget of Introducing Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships

Allowing same-sex couples to enter domestic partnerships will result in a net gain of approximately $1.5 million to $3.7 million to the State’s biennial budget.

Geographic Trends Among Same-Sex Couples in the U.S. Census and the American Community Survey

Groundbreaking research showing a huge increase in same-sex couples identifying themselves as "unmarried partners".