Resources Related to Religion and Faith

Civilization and Its Malcontents

A serious, respectful and prayerful discussion on the subject of marriage equality.

Summary of “Homosexuality, Human Dignity and Halakha”

Dorff Teshuva calls for full normalization of gay and lesbian Jews at all levels of the Conservative movement.

A Catholic defense of marriage equality

Professor Daniel C. Maguire discusses the historical acceptance of same-sex unions in the Church and debunks commonly used points of religious opposition to them.

Love and Commitment

A sermon stressing love and commitment as the defining ingredients of marriage.

“Same-Sex Marriage: When Will It Reach Utah?”

Robert Wintemute writes about the long-term international trend toward the freedom to marry, which will eventually bring full legal equality to LGBT people everywhere.

God is Still Speaking, About Marriage: Resource Guide

Resource guide for the study and discussion of the freedom to marry by Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ.

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