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The Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships in the United States: A Social Science Perspective

Survey of social science research

Adults’ Sexual Orientation and State Determinations Regarding Placement of Children

Stanford Law School professor, Michael S. Wald, examines the questions of states placing children in adoptive or foster homes, settling custody disputes or determining access to assisted reproductive technologies when a parent or prospective parent is gay.

I Do But I Can’t: Impact on Mental Health and Sexual Citizenship

A study analyzing the impact of marriage discrimination on the mental health and well being of lesbians and gay men.

The Effects of Marriage, Civil Union, and Domestic Partnership Laws on the Health and Well-Being of

The American Academy of Pediatrics' study finds marriage equality is good for children

PRESS RELEASE: APA backs the legalization of marriage for same-sex couples

The American Psychological Association's professional opinion on the freedom to marry

Statement on Marriage and the Family

Statement on Marriage and the Family by the American Anthropological Association

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