Evan Wolfson Defends Freedom to Marry in Economist Debate

The Economist, January 3, 2011

Freedom to Marry Executive Director Evan Wolfson engaged in an Economist online debate with Maggie Gallagher of the "National Organization for Marriage" (NOM). The debate was whether marriage for same-sex couples should be legal. After opening statements, rebuttals and conclusions, 63 percent of readers agreed with Wolfson's position and debate moderator Roger McShane concluded Wolfson's passionate defense of marriage had won the week-long debate.

Throughout the debate, Wolfson made his case by:

  • detailing the families affected by marriage discrimination,
  • pointing to prominent Americans who have made the journey from opposition to support for the freedom to marry,
  • noting that literally every professional authority is in support of marriage for same-sex couples,
  • citing polling that shows a majority of Americans now support the freedom to marry and
  • deconstructing the opposition’s bait-and-switch arguments.

Read Wolfson’s full debate remarks here.