Groundbreaking New Poll of Republican Base Shows Strong Support for Gay Rights

Log Cabin Republicans
June 27, 2007
A groundbreaking new poll by leading GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio shows that Republican voters support basic fairness for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation.

A number of conservative leaders and elected officials have made great strides for gay and lesbian rights and for marriage equality including:

    * Oregon's Senator Gordon Smith, whose most recent campaign commercials specifically highlighted his support of gay and lesbian rights;
    * New York's Governor George Pataki who successfully negotiated a contract with state workers enabling their domestic partners to receive full benefits;
    * Pennsylvania's Senator Arlen Spector, an unequivocal voice against the Federal Marriage Amendment;
    * Rhode Island's Senator Lincoln Chaffee, a firm supporter of full marriage equality;
    * New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, also an opponent of the Federal Marriage Amendment. [Link]