The Demise of Federal DOMA: New Financial Planning Strategies for PA Couples

In this new article, Jim Lange takes a look at how the defeat of the core of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act in June 2013 has impacted gay and lesbian couples in Pennsylvania. He writes:

In light of the Windsor case and the subsequent IRS ruling, the door is wide open for the same-sex marriage movement to seek the logical conclusion: legal same-sex marriage throughout the United States. Pennsylvania has recently become one of the battleground states.

While a lawsuit in Pennsylvania is ongoing and we are uncertain of its ultimate outcome, one thing is clear. LGBT citizens, those who are residents of our commonwealth and indeed LGBT citizens across the entire nation, must re-evaluate their estate and tax planning. While Pennsylvania residents are this article's primary focus, please note that the analysis and advice contained herein is applicable in a majority of non-recognition states. Those who live in another state should see a competent adviser in that state before taking action.

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