Roadmap to Victory

We’ve come far in our campaign to
win marriage nationwide

  • We’ve won the freedom to marry in 17 states and the District of Columbia.
  • We’ve grown a majority for marriage in every region of the country.
  • We achieved a landmark victory when the Supreme Court gutted the “Defense of Marriage Act.”

Now we need to finish the job

Freedom to Marry is setting the stage for a successful return
to the Supreme Court and national resolution.

We’re not far from our goal

With roughly 60 cases underway,
the supreme court could rule in favor
of marriage nationwide as early as 2015

If the Supreme Court doesn’t take a case or do the right thing in 2015,
we’ll continue our strategic campaigns to win more states, grow support,
and set the stage for a Supreme Court win soon thereafter.

Two timelines, one strategy

the same winning strategy that has gotten us to this point

Win marriage
in more states

Show the next waves of decision-makers – such as state attorneys general, judges, and the justices of the Supreme Court – that America is ready for the freedom to marry.

Grow public support
for marriage

Grow support for the freedom to marry in key regions, including the South and Mountain West, and among key demographics including conservatives and communities of color.

End federal marriage

Work with the Obama Administration to overcome lingering roadblocks and make sure that the federal government treats married couples with the respect they deserve – even in states that still discriminate.

Whether it turns out to be the shorter timeline or the slightly longer one, this is how we will win marriage nationwide.

With your continued support and advocacy,
we’re going to finish the job in years, not decades.