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Southerners for the Freedom to Marry – a partnership of Freedom to Marry and statewide/regional equality organizations – is a public education campaign to grow support for marriage in the South.

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VIDEO: Two Southern mothers build their family without the protections of marriage

In a new Freedom to Marry video, Jessica and Chi from Alabama share their story of building their lives with their 7-year-old daughter. "Everyone wants to believe that if you do what you're supposed to do, your family will be taken care of. But we don't have that safeguard."

Same-sex couples file legal challenge to bring marriage home in South Carolina

On October 14, Lambda Legal and South Carolina Equality filed a federal case in the United States District Court of South Carolina on behalf of a same-sex couple seeking to get married in the state.

PHOTOS: The freedom to marry arrives in some South Carolina counties

Today, same-sex couples rejoiced in South Carolina as some county officials began taking action and issuing marriage licenses. In other counties, advocates at South Carolina Equality and the Campaign for Southern Equality pushed for the implementation of the 4th Circuit ruling in SC.

Arkansas same-sex couples gear up for the freedom to marry at the state Supreme Court

This fall, the Arkansas Supreme Court is set to hear briefing and, eventually, arguments in Wright v. Smith, a legal challenge to a constitutional amendment in Arkansas that bars same-sex couples from sharing in the freedom to marry.

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Our Goal Requires Southerners' Action and Support

Winning the freedom to marry nationwide requires going back to the Supreme Court. To create the best climate for a national win, we need to work together to grow support for the freedom to marry across the South. Donate now to help our campaign, and click on the states below to take local action.