NY Business and Life Partners Marry

Brian Cantor & Paul Labrecque | New York, NY

"When I met Brian, my life started to change," Paul Labrecque says in a new video from Freedom to Marry and The Devotion Project. Paul and his husband, Brian Cantor, live in New York City, where they recently married in front of their friends, family members and loved ones. 

The couple met while they were both living in London over 25 years ago. They moved together to the United States and began their own line of hair salons and hair care products, which at the time allowed Brian, a British citizen, to stay in the country and not be separated from Paul. Now that the central part of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act is overturned, Paul is able to sponsor Brian for a green card - just like any other American can sponsor their foreign-born spouse for a green card. 

The men married in 2011 - the very same day that the freedom to marry took effect in New York state. Watch the new video, which features footage from their wedding:

"Marriage is the part where you say, 'I'm going to be there til the end of your life in this life, and if there is another life, I know our eternal souls will be bonded together,'" Paul explained in the video. "And I do believe that - I do believe that Brian and I are soul mates, and that we go beyond this world."

"Say Only Yes" was produced in conjunction with The Devotion Project. And check out more videos from The Devotion Project on YouTube.

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