“Introduction”, Freedom To Marry Video Blog

This video marks the debut of Freedom to Marrys summer-long foray into the world of video blogging. Led by interns Pippa Bianco, Grant Gilles, and Matt Zuckerman, Freedom to Marry will use this new blog format to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about marriage equality.

This video offers a general introduction to the Freedom to Marry Video Blog and a brief content overview.

These videos can be a great way to start a conversation about why marriage equality matters to you. Forward them to friends, post them on your blog or social networking profiles, and start a conversation today! Every conversation brings us closer to achieving the freedom to marry nationwide.

While our next three videos are already in production, we are calling upon you, our viewers, to tell us where to go next. To have a question answered on the Freedom to Marry Video Blog, please send an email to editor@freedomtomarry.org.