Two new cosponsors of the Respect for Marriage Act

Just days after we launched the Respect for Marriage Coalition- 50+ organizations calling on Congress to pass the Respect for Marriage Act- the bill to repeal DOMA has gained two new cosponsors in the House!

On Friday, we received word that Representative Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) and Representative Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) have signed on as cosponsors, bringing us to an unprecedented 138 total sponsors of DOMA repeal in the House! 

We thank both Representatives for taking a stand against marriage discrimination and look forward to working with legislative leaders and members of the Respect for Marriage Coalition to continue building support for the freedom to marry on both sides of the aisle.

Be sure to let Reps. Perlmutter and Sanchez know that we appreciate their support! Head on over to their Facebook pages and say thanks for cosponsoring the Respect for Marriage Act- click here to write on Rep. Perlmutter's Facebook wall and click here to write on Rep. Sanchez's wall.