Freedom to Marry interviewed and featured the stories of hundreds of same-sex couples from every single state in the campaign to win marriage nationwide. Through these stories, we were able to demonstrate the urgent, tangible need for the freedom to marry and demonstrate the broad diversity of Americans impacted by this discrimination, allowing every demographic of American to connect with the fight for marriage.

  • New Arkansas Dads: ‘Love Conquers All’

    Stephen & Eddie Inman-Crawley • Hot Springs, AR

    "We applaud all of the plaintiffs and the legal team for their heroic efforts. What an inspiration and testament to love and devotion – Love truly does conquer all."

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  • Jumping the Broom After a Decade of Love

    Mignon & Elaine Moore-Harley • Los Angeles, CA

    Throughout all of these future occasions - the good, the bad, the joyful and the disappointing - we're thrilled that Mignon and Elaine will always be able to turn to each other, celebrate their commitment to each other, and find strength in their marriage.

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  • Preparing for Our Family’s Future in TN

    Jamie Cunningham & Courtney Seals • Knoxville, TN

    My life with the love of my life, Jamie Cunningham, is a pretty typical love story: We met, we fell in love, we got married, and then we had a baby.

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  • Fighting Marriage Discrimination in Texas

    Mark Phariss & Vic Holmes • Plano, TX

    "If everyone is saying, 'Gosh, someone really should do something about this,' and no one takes steps to do anything - then it's simply not going to get done," Mark Phariss said about the Texas marriage ban. "You have to step forward and make that change."

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  • 2 Dads, 4 Kids, and 1 Happy Family in Florida

    Juan Luque & Patrick Duffy • Tampa, FL

    As Juan Luque dragged his paintbrush up and down one of the white walls of the empty room, he examined the color and couldn't understand why his partner, Patrick Duffy, would want to cover the walls of this room in their new house with the pale green paint.

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  • Military Couple Hopes For Marriage Back Home

    Timothy & Joseph Klipp-Lockhart • Alexandria, VA

    Joseph and Timothy met in Nebraska – they went on their first date in Omaha after they connected online, and they haven’t been apart since.

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  • New Yorkers Tie the Knot After 62 Years

    Richard Dorr & John Mace • New York, NY

    After hearing Richard and John's story, thousands of New Yorkers contacted their state legislators to urge them to pass the marriage bill and end the wait for committed same-sex couples like Richard and John.

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  • Our Beachfront Surprise Engagement

    Jeff Robertson & Jeremiah Pyant • Houston, TX

    When Jeremiah Pyant took a vacation to Riviera Maya in Mexico with his boyfriend, Jeff Robertson, he knew it was going to be a special trip - six months prior to their trip, Jeremiah got a letter in the mail explaining that he and Jeff had won a special photo shoot package at a resort, and he was excited to take home beautiful portraits with the love of his life, Jeff.

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  • With You Always: Letters to My Wife

    Linda Campbell & Nancy Lynchild • Eugene, OR

    As she knelt on the ground and pressed the headstone into the soft soil at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon, Linda Campbell ran her fingers over the engraved letters of her wife's name: Nancy Lynchild.

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  • I Am a Parent, We Are a Family

    Cari Searcy & Kim McKeand • Mobile, AL

    For eight long years, Cari Searcy and Kim McKeand have been trying to establish a legal bond to their son, Khaya, who they welcomed into the world in December 2005.

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