New Yorkers Tie the Knot After 62 Years

Richard Dorr & John Mace • New York, NY

This story was originally published in August 2012, one year after the New York Legislature extended the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in New York, including Richard and John.

Remember Richard Dorr and John Mace? They met at the Juliard School of Music in 1948 and have been a couple since 1950, making Manhattan their home. Last year, they joined Freedom to Marry in making the case to the New York State Senate to pass the marriage bill.

After hearing Richard and John's story, thousands of New Yorkers contacted their state legislators to urge them to pass the marriage bill and end the wait for committed same-sex couples like Richard and John. Because after 61 years, hadn't they waited long enough to marry in the state they call home? 

After 62 years together, Richard and John are finally married in New York!

This is what working to advance marriage nationwide is all about and is truly what drives our work here at Freedom to Marry: Committed couples who have built a life together and shared in life's joys finally being able to partake in the responsibilities and protections that only marriage can provide.

From all of us at Freedom to Marry, congratulations, Richard and John! May you share many more years of happiness together.

Below, watch the video we recorded with Richard and John during the New York campaign. Then click here to read the New York Times exclusive from last year profiling what marriage would mean to Richard and John after more than 60 years.