The Team

Over the course of a decade, dozens of the most talented, passionate minds came together to push for the freedom to marry nationwide as a part of Freedom to Marry's board and staff.

Jason Almodovar

Senior Web Producer, 2006-2007

Hunter Armstrong

Deputy Director of Development, 2013-2014

Samiya Bashir

Communications Director, 2006-2007

Josh Bell

Online Content Manager, 2011-2011

Rev. John Buehrens

Steering Committee Member, Board Member, 2003-2011

Brondi Borer

Steering Committee Member and Board Member, 2007-2012

Noran J. Camp

Office Administrator, 2003-2005

Mandy Carter

Steering Committee Member, 2004-2004

Jennifer Cast

Board Member, 2013-2014

Rev. Ignacio Castuera

Steering Committee Member, 2007-2012

Tracey Conaty

Steering Committee Member, 2002-2005

Jeffrey Correa

Development Director, 2011-2013

Matt Foreman

Steering Committee Member, 2003-2004

Terrell Frazier

Writer and Researcher, 2010-2011

Kiyana Horton

Executive Assistant, 2006-2007

Leslye Huff

Steering Committee Member, 2004-2009

Fred Humphrey

Steering Committee Member, 2005-2007

Charles Ignacio

Deputy Director, 2005-2008

Tony Javed

Online Content Manager, 2010-2010

Heather Jensen

Senior Wed Producer, 2006-2009

Pedro Julio Serrano

Program Coordinator for Voices for Equality, 2005-2006

Jason Kadlec

Office Manager

Barbara Todd Kerr

Senior Managing Editor, 2003-2005

Megan Kinninnger

Program Manager, 2007-2011

Harry Knox

Program Director, 2003-2005

Francene Markman

Administrative Assistant

Rodney McKenzie, Jr.

Program Director, 2005-2006

Lisbeth Melendez Rivera

Mobilization Coordinator, 2005-2007

Josh Meltzer

Director of Political Operations, 2011-2011

Ellen Struebel

Administrative Assistant, 2011-212

Tim Sweeney

Steering Committee Member and Board Member, 2002-2013