Amanda McLain-Snipes

Amanda Snipes

Amanda McLain-Snipes was Campaign Manager of Southerners for the Freedom to Marry. Some of the highlights of her career include; working on the campaign that won the freedom to marry in the United States, taking back the Democratic majority in the Colorado House and holding the Senate, and increasing a candidate's field performance by more than 12 points in less than 90 days.

Southerners for the Freedom to Marry was a million-dollar public education campaign. Amanda managed relationships mong 13 state-based partners to ensure that marriage work was supported and effective. Traveling frequently, Amanda provided strategic advice, support with plans, and when needed, hands-on assistance to Southern partners. Amanda made recommendations that guided the resource allocation of Freedom to Marry within the region. As a result of strong relationships built with the state partners, Freedom to Marry had its most active participation in marriage work among Southern organizations during Amanda's time as campaign manager.

Amanda is contributing her skills at the Equality Federation as their Organizational Development and Training manager where she provides direct support to Federation members in creating successful, targeted public education campaigns. From helping members get set up on and using the fantastic Equality Federation Nondiscrimination Model—a powerful tool to identify and engage supporters of inclusive nondiscrimination protections—to training on the most effective ways to talk about nondiscrimination and problematic religious exemptions, Amanda will help take education campaigns to the next level. She can be reached at or by phone (415) 252-0510 x213.