Freedom to Marry interviewed and featured the stories of hundreds of same-sex couples from every single state in the campaign to win marriage nationwide. Through these stories, we were able to demonstrate the urgent, tangible need for the freedom to marry and demonstrate the broad diversity of Americans impacted by this discrimination, allowing every demographic of American to connect with the fight for marriage.

  • Taking a Stand for Marriage in TX

    Cleo DeLeon & Nicole Dimetman • Austin, TX

    For many years, Cleo DeLeon and Nicole Dimetman have been hearing the same thing from friends and acquaintances when they spoke about why they want the freedom to marry where they live, in Texas.

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  • Veterans in FL Recall 51-Year Love Story

    Bob Collier & Chuck Hunziker • Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Bob Collier and Chuck Hunziker have spent more of their lives together than apart: For more than five decades - 51 years - they have been building their lives, and in that time, they have seen so much change for the better in the ways that gay and lesbian people are treated in the United States.

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  • Who We Are As Southerners

    Jessica & Chi Peoples • Birmingham, AL

    It's been a historic few weeks for the freedom to marry - but we haven't won nationwide yet.

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  • Finding Each Other After 40 Years

    Cassandra Laity & Cynthia Affron • Friendsville, TN

    In November of 2012, two women, Cassandra – or “Candy” - and Cindy, met up, began to talk, and were soon enamored with each other.

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