4 Days Left Until Freedom to Marry Week

February 4, 2009
Thank you to all those who already signed up to get involved during the 12th annual Freedom to Marry Week, February 8-14, by having any of our 7 Conversations in 7 Days.

If you haven't pledged to get involved yet, go here.

Please take any of the following actions in preparation for next week's celebration:

1)Tell us how conversations are going by commenting on our blog or Facebook event page
2)Visit our YouTube group to participate in the video contest and win cash prizes
3)Prepare a blog post or social network status update for Monday, February 9th
4)If you've already signed up for a free button, send us pictures
5)Tell your friends, co-workers, and family about Freedom to Marry Week, and to join us in action.

Thank you again for participating!