4th consecutive poll shows majority of Texans support either civil unions or marriage for gays

Posted by John Wright on dallasvoice.com:

"The 2010 Texas Lyceum poll was released Tuesday, and for the second straight year, more than half of respondents said they support some form of legal relationship status for same-sex couples — whether it be civil unions or marriage.

"According to the poll of 725 adult Texans from Sept. 22-30, 24 percent support civil unions, 28 percent support marriage for same-sex couples, and 40 percent oppose both civil unions and marriage equality. That means a total of 52 percent support some form of relationship recognition, with 8 percent apparently not responding to the question.

... "...it marks the fourth consecutive statewide poll to show that a majority of Texans support either civil unions or marriage.

"As Texas Politics Project Director Jim Henson put it in February: 'This seems to be rapidly becoming not a question of what’s in public opinion. What’s in public opinion is becoming kind of a settled issue. Now the question is one of leadership and politics.'"

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