62% oppose repealing marriage in New Hampshire

Support for the freedom to marry has only grown since the New Hampshire legislature voted to extend marriage to same-sex couples in 2009. According to a poll released today by the the nonpartisan University of New Hampshire Survey Center, 62% of voters in New Hampshire oppose the repeal of marriage, with 50% saying that they are strongly opposed. As anti-gay politicians in NH fastrack legislation that would repeal the freedom to marry, this poll makes it abundantly clear that their agenda is vastly out of touch with the majority of voters in the state.

Craig Stowell, the co-chair of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, had this to say in response to today's poll results:

“Voters know that taking away freedom does not square with New Hampshire values – and that getting our fiscal house in order is the only priority right now. Granite Staters are sending a clear and consistent message to the statehouse: leave the state’s popular marriage law alone.

“Anti-gay interests are putting a lot of time and energy into repealing the marriage law, but our legislative leaders would be wise to recognize the intensity of Granite State support for people’s freedom. If these numbers don’t help persuade legislators to keep their eye on bread and butter issues and not veer off into a fringe effort to break up families, I don’t know what will.” 

In the coming months, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families will work tirelessly to protect marriage in the Granite State, and Freedom to Marry will support their work every step of the way by investing money and staff time in this crucial campaign.

Visit the Standing Up for New Hampshire Families website to learn how you can get involved and be sure to "Like" their Facebook page and share it with your friends!