A Full House Built On Love

Nette & Jasmine Archangel • Ruston, LA

Nette’s birthday three years ago was a very special one – but not because she was the one being surprised. On April 4th, 2012, at 11:58 pm, Nette turned to Jasmine, love of her life and girlfriend of almost three years, and proposed. 

Nette knew this was the date to completely surprise Jasmine. “Jazz always said we could never get engaged on our birthdays,” laughed Nette. “She had no clue what was coming!”

But, even though Nette broke the rules, Jasmine was delighted, and said yes. They were married just months later in New York, their closes friends surrounding them, and embarked on their lives together.

In February of 2014, the couple realized a dream of theirs: to become foster parents. In addition to their two dogs, the couple now lives with five children, ranging from 14 years old to five months old.

Although their house is full, the couple cherishes every moment they spend with the children. “Our family is built on love,” Nette said. “We want to enjoy every moment with each other with no regrets – we want to make every moment valuable.”

And, although the couple means the world to the foster children they have taken in to their house, their home state of Louisiana would not respect them as a family, even if they were to adopt the children together. This is because the couple’s marriage is not respected in the state where they have built their life and family.

The denial of marriage hurts the couple in more ways than their aspirations for growing their family. “It hurts that my wife and I have to get a special will just in case something happens,” Nette said. “It hurts that if my wife goes to the hospital, I will not be able to make any medical decisions.”

The couple holds out hope that, soon, their love and commitment will be respected in the state they have given so much of their lives to. “Having the freedom to marry in Louisiana would fill a void,” said Nette. “Being able to check the ‘married’ box on documents, as simple as that is, would make us feel better. Marriage is between two people who love each other – and Jazz and I love each other.”