A GA family’s heartache

Southern Voice Online
May 21, 2007
In a January ruling Judge John Lee Parrott argued that the state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages also prohibited same-sex couples from adopting children, and accused Hadaway of attempting to "sham" the court by applying as a single person when she was involved in a seven-year relationship with a woman. Hadaway tried to return the child to the biological mother, who again gave her parental rights to Hadaway. Hadaway, who had ended her seven-year relationship and moved to Bibb County, then attempted to pursue adoption in that county. But when Parrott learned that Emma Rose was still living with Hadaway, he had the child placed in foster care. After Bibb County Superior Court Judge Tilman Self granted Hadaway custody in March, Parrott refused to recognize Self's ruling and ordered the young girl to remain with her DFCS foster family, despite a DFCS social worker calling that "the worst possible scenario" for the young girl. [Link]