Advocacy groups form “unprecedented” coalition to win marriage in New York.

Freedom to Marry has joined Empire State Pride Agenda, Human Rights Campaign, and Marriage Equality New York to formed New Yorkers United for Marriage, a coalition whose goal is goal of enacting a bill before the end of the current legislative session. The move comes as a super-majority of New Yorkers expressed support for the freedom to marry in a recent Sienna poll.

“Last time, there were lots of players, lots of organizations, lots of good will, but not the truly united effort that has come together to work hand in glove with the governor and legislative leaders,” said Evan Wolfson, the president of Freedom to Marry.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is making passage of a marriage bill a key priority for his administration.  The governor has spoken publicly several times in recent months affirming his commitment to the passage of a bill. 

Advocates are expressing growing optimism that Mr. Cuomo can steer a marriage bill through the Legislature. They point to his passage of an on-time budget that cut spending without provoking political warfare — a modern miracle, by Albany standards; the governor’s historically high approval ratings; and polling that shows, for the first time, that a solid majority of New Yorkers support legalizing same-sex marriage.

Coalition efforts will include targeted television and radio ads, on-the-ground organizing in key districts, use of new media to mobilize supporters, and earned media focusing on the stories of real New York couples.

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