After 29 years, Andy & Eddie just want to get married

By Cameron Tolle, Freedom to Marry's Online Organizer 


Opponents of the freedom to marry like to talk about the supposedly horrific repercussions that would stem from ending discrimination against gay and lesbian families. Whether it’s the claim that marriage equality will result in the “breakdown of the traditional family” or advance the “gay agenda” in schools, our opponents’ harmful rhetoric continually evades the truth in a fear-mongering attempt to dissuade public opinion. 


Extending marriage to gay couples isn’t going to “harm the traditional family.” (It’ll strengthen it)


And it certainly isn’t going to rewrite school curriculums. (Although ending government-sanctioned discrimination might make LGBT youth feel safer)


But you know what enacting marriage equality will do? Make life a lot easier for couples like Andy Turek and Eddie Sherotski, who after 29 years, want the protections that only marriage can provide.


Andy and Eddie were recently featured on a local Tampa news station explaining why they want to get married. In the segment, Eddie told their story of the time they went to the County Courthouse in Tampa and were denied a marriage license.  


Check out their story here:






Thanks Andy and Eddie for telling your stories! Stories like yours will continue to grow the majority of Americans who support the freedom to marry.