Analysis demonstrates increased and diverse support, isolated opposition for marriage

This morning, Freedom to Marry released a new analysis of national polling data and trends on the freedom to marry by Joel Benenson, a leading Democratic pollster, and Dr. Jan van Lohuizen, a top Republican pollster. The acclaimed pollsters analyzed exit polls from the 2012 election and recent surveys to compile a document demonstrating that the well-documented majority national support for marriage for same-sex couples is broadening and diversifying while resistance to the freedom to marry is diminishing and becoming isolated to just a few narrow demographic groups. 

Here are some key highlights from the analysis, which you can read in full HERE:

  • All major non-evangelical religious groups are ready for the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, with 58 percent of voters who identify as non-evangelical religions supporting marriage, including non-evangelical Protestants, Catholics, and Jewish groups. 
  • A majority of voters under the age of 65 support the freedom to marry by a margin of 8 points - 52 percent support and 44 percent opposed. 
  • There is also widespread consensus among racial groups of voters under the age of 65 that it's Time for Marriage. 60% of Latinos, 51% of African-Americans, and 50% of white voters under the age of 65 support the freedom to marry. 
  • Support has also swelled for young conservatives and mainstream Republicans. 47% of voters who oppose the Tea Party support marriage for same-sex couples, while 51% of Republicans under the age of 30 support the freedom to marry.  

During a press briefing this morning, Benenson, the President of Benenson Strategy Group who served as chief pollster and senior strategiest during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns for President Barack Obama, said on the call:

It's clear now that support for the freedom to marry has a broad base of support from a diverse cross-section of America. Strong majorities in almost all demographics support legalizing marriage for same-sex couples, while intense opposition remains confined to a few narrow demographic groups.

Dr. van Lohuizen, the President of Voter Consumer Research who served as chief pollster on the 2004 reelection campaign for President George W. Bush, added:

One of the most striking developments in recent years is the debate happening within the Republican Party, as these numbers show. With the under-30 supporters continuing to increase, it's clear that the party has to take that into account - the sooner, the better. 

Freedom to Marry Founder and President Evan Wolfson commented on the findings of the analysis. He said:

In the wake of the groundbreaking 2012 marriage victories in the states and the rising bipartisan chorus of voices in favor of the freedom to marry, it's no longer surprising to see support for the freedom to marry continuing to grow. But what's striking is to see how isolated and dwindling the pockets of opposition are, and how strongly the center of political gravity has moved to empower those who want to get our country on the right side of history. 

Read the full briefing HERE.