Audra McDonald Supports President Obama on Marriage

While you may know her best as a four time Tony Award-winning Actress and internationally renowned singer, Audra McDonald has long been one of the strongest voices speaking out for the freedom to marry in the entertainment industry. McDonald has actively worked with Broadway Impact-- a community of actors, directors, stage managers, producers, and fans united by the simple belief that everyone should have the freedom to marry-- and this past summer, she performed as one of the first same-sex couples legally wed in New York.

Last week, fresh off President Obama's historic announcement that he believes in the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples, McDonald sat down with Freedom to Marry to reflect on the President's support and why she is such a passionate advocate for ending marriage discrimination:

 "I am a mom, I am an engaged lady... and I'm someone who believes in marriage and the freedom to marry."

Expressing her gratitude for President Obama's backing of the freedom to marry, McDonald underscored the significance of the President telling LGBT youth that he believes that they should be able to marry the person they love in the future:

"I thought very much immediately.. about young people, especially in the state of North Carolina and other states, how that ban must have made them feel.. maybe that they're seen as less than. That's awful. It's a travesty."

"Now to have the President to come out and say no, you're okay.. I support you. I support your right to be who you are and marry who you want to marry someday. And I'm going to fight for that right. It's like a superhero just flew into their corner."

Our Founder and President Evan Wolfson thanked McDonald for lending her voice in the video released today:

“Audra McDonald has been a vocal supporter of gay people’s freedom to marry for years – and who could ask for better vocal support. Audra’s poignant words in today’s Freedom to Marry video about President Obama’s embrace of the freedom to marry underscore both his moral leadership and how the way he spoke so personally about his family will touch the hearts of those still wrestling with their own feelings about the freedom to marry and young people looking for support and affirmation.”   

Freedom to Marry is honored to work alongside a staunch ally such as Audra McDonald and we thank her for adding her voice to the growing chorus of Americans who believe that all loving and committed couples should have the freedom to marry.

Watch the video below: