Big Response Against Anti-Marriage Argument in Maryland

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"Readers have had a strong and almost entirely negative reaction to Peter Spriggs' op-ed 'Same-sex marriage is contrary to the public interest.' Here's a sampling.

"Procreation is not the only purpose of marriage
Since when are we living in the 1950s? Or the 1850s or the 1750s or the 1650s, for that matter for a newspaper to print an op-ed stating that the only reason for marriage is for procreation ('Same-sex marriage is contrary to the public interest,' Feb. 2)? I am a happily married, heterosexual, devoutly Christian woman with three children, and I am absolutely appalled you would print that. Peter Sprigg is entitled to his opinion, but it is irresponsible of you to print it. Our society has long since recognized that marriage is about the love and commitment two people have for each other. If they decide to and are able to have children together, that is wonderful, but that is not the purpose of marriage in this day and age.

… "Should childless married couples give up their rights?
Peter Sprigg claims that the only public purpose of marriage is the birth and nurture of children. He says that heterosexual couples can choose not to have children, but that is a private purpose which is not the legislature's business. Why, then, should childless heterosexual couples enjoy all of the benefits which accompany marriage? Should childless married folks not be able to make medical decisions for an incapacitated spouse? Should my wife be denied insurance coverage simply because our children are grown?

… "Marriage promotes social stability – with or without children
The Family Research Council tries to support its anti-gay position the losing argument that marriage is primarily about procreation. But it isn't. There are good public policy reasons behind the government's endorsement of marriage, and procreation is only one of them. By encouraging lifelong commitments, marriage fosters cohesion and stability in society, the growth and enrichment of communities, and — when there are children — the care and nurture of children in stable households.

"… Op-ed shows weakness of case against gay marriage
Thank you for printing the Peter Sprigg op-ed piece opposing gay marriage. Nothing could better expose the utter emptiness of the anti-gay marriage position."

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