Senator Mikulski will cosponsor the Respect for Marriage Act

Today, US Senator Barbara Mikulski announced that she would cosponsor the Respect for Marriage Act, the bill that would overturn the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. Mikulski's announcement to cosponsor the bill comes days after Freedom to Marry, Courage Campaign, and Equality Maryland delivered nearly 3,000 constituent signatures to the Senator's office asking for her support. Together, our organizations mobilized thousands of Marylanders who told their personal stories of why ending federal marriage discrimination is important to their families. Senator Mikulski now becomes the 30th cosponsor of the Respect for Marriage Act in the Senate.

Mikulski's cosponsorship illustrates the strength of the ever-growing grassroots movement to end DOMA that Freedom to Marry's recently founded federal program is helping to shape each day. We're partnering with local, state, and national allies to connect constituents with their legislators and urge their support of this crucial legislation. We've already seen enormous progress this year alone, as numerous Senate and House members have signed on to the bill, including Mikulski and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. Moving forward, Freedom to Marry and our hundreds of thousands of supporters nationwide will continue to tell the stories of gay and lesbian couples and demonstrate the widespread support for ending DOMA once and for all. 

You can read our joint press release with Equality Maryland and Courage Campaign by clicking here.

Let Senator Mikulski know that we appreciate her support- go to her Facebook page and write a quick note thanking her for cosponsoring! Below is Senator Mikulski's Facebook post announcing her cosponsorship: