VIDEO: Brenda & Carol in NC, ‘We Won’t Stop Until We’re Equal’

This week, the Campaign for Southern Equality released a remarkable new video featuring Brenda Clark and Carol McRory, who have been involved with the campaign for several years and participated in five different actions with the advocacy group. Brenda and Carol live in Asheville, NC, and they have requested marriage licenses from the Register of Deeds in their home county, Buncombe County, NC, five separate times.

"You get to the point where you think, 'This is who I am,'" Brenda said in the new video, adding, "And for what it's worth for the last number of years that we've got left, let's live this one honestly."

The first four times that Brenda and Carol requested marriage licenses, they were rejected - North Carolina law prohibits same-sex couples from joining together in marriage. Their attempts to receive a license stood in protest of those anti-gay laws, and as they stood alongside dozens of other couples and the inspiring members of the Campaign for Southern Equality, they demanded change in their home community.

On the fifth visit to the Register of Deeds, however - they weren't rejected. Brenda and Carol, along with ten other couples, submitted their marriage license applications to Reigster of Deeds Drew Reisinger, who delivered a moving speech about how he believes that they should be able to marry in NC and that he will ask permission from the state's attorney general. Read more about that action HERE.  

Couples like Brenda and Carol are inspiring change in their local communities - and they're not going to stop until all couples in the country have their love and commitment respected. Don't miss this inspiring new video from the Campaign for Southern Equality: