Buenos Aires couple becomes first to marry under new freedom to marry law

Posted on buenosairesherald.com:

"After the approval of the same-sex marriage law, Buenos Aires City residents Alejandro Vanelli and Ernesto Larrese got married at a Palermo registry office, officially becoming the first same-sex couple to marry in the City. Earlier, a couple in Santiago del Estero province was the first to tie the knot in the country. Three more couples are to put in motion the newly enacted law in different points of the country on Saturday.

"In Buenos Aires City, Alejandro Vanelli and Ernesto Larrese got married at the Management and Participation Centre N°14 -which acts as zonal civil registry-, located on Coronel Díaz Avenue and Berutti Street. Actress Mercedes Morán and actor Boy Olmi were the godparents in the ceremony. Both men stated they were deeply 'moved' by what they had experienced. Several photographers and journalists were present at the registry office, as well as other actors and friends and family of the couple.

"Earlier, José Luis Navarro and Miguel Ángel Calefato got married in their home province of Santiago del Estero, in the Frías locality.

"'It's going to be just for us, aside from the media repercussions it had. We're going to the civil registry, we're going to sit down, sign, and move on, because our objective is to marry,' José Luis Navarro said after the approval of the law.

"Navarro, a 54 year-old architect from Córdoba province, says getting married is 'a question of attitude towards life,' and he assured that in the more than 27 years of living with his partner, 'we've always been frank, we've never hid our sentimental relationship. Everyone in Frías has known of our relationship since we arrived.'"

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