Building Our Lives in Atlanta

Bobby Scofield & RaShaun Holliman • Atlanta, GA

For Robert (Bobby) Scofield and RaShaun Holliman, who are building their lives in Atlanta, Georgia, there's no bigger champion of the couple finally getting married after ten years of commitment than Jaden, RaShaun's 10-year-old son.

"We're not married, but we've been under a lot of pressure from my son to get married," RaShaun said. "Any moment that we have that is kind of unique, Jaden would say something like, 'This is a really nice event - I think Bobby should propose. He gave suggestions to Bobby about how and when he should propose."

There's no question that Bobby and RaShaun want to get married, and they got engaged this year - but they live in Georgia, where same-sex couples continue to be denied the freedom to marry, and even if they were to marry in one of the nineteen marriage states or Washington, DC, their home state would not respect it.

"We're stuck between a rock and a hard place," RaShaun said. "When we do get married, we'd have to leave home. It would mean a lot to be like any other couple - to have our marriage performed and accepted in the place we call home." 

They watched just last year as two of their close friends, Larry and Nolan, promised their commitment to each other in Atlanta and flew to the nation's capital the next day to receive a marriage license. Seeing the love and support from Larry and Nolan's family and friends was amazing - and RaShaun and Bobby know that soon, they want the chance to experience that same joy - and to be finally treated equally in the state that they love.

They know that they have strong support from family members already - RaShaun specifically mentioned his 95-year-old great-grandmother, Gram, as a strong supporter.

"I really have a dream of having my Gram there," RaShaun said. "She's someone I call on whenever I have issues, and she'll give it to me bluntly. I want this to happen - for us to be able to marry - soon, because she's not as mobile anymore, and I'd really love for her to celebrate this with us."

The men moved to Atlanta three years ago from Ohio, where they were both raised. They actually were students at the same high school, but they didn't meet until after they graduated. Now, RaShaun is the outreach director for a state-wide education non-profit while Bobby is a realtor.

They're building their lives in Georgia - and they're ready for the freedom to marry.

Now, with the support of so many loved ones - friends, family, and even RaShaun's 95-year-old great-grandmother, Bobby and RaShaun are hopeful that very soon, marriage discrimination will be outlawed across the country and that at last, they'll be able to legally fulfill Jaden's dream of seeing his dad and Bobby tie the knot.