Campaign to save Maine’s marriage law is launched. Opponents hired Yes on Prop. 8 campaign manager t

June 18, 2009
In Maine, new laws can be challenged via the referendum process. On the plus side, the campaign to save Maine's marriage law has been launched -- and they've got a kick-ass campaign manager leading the effort. This won't be another Prop. 8 from our side. There won't be turf battles and outsize egos. It will be a sophisticated operation combining some of the best political talent with the excellent field operation already established by Equality Maine. The political action committee running the campaign will be called "Maine Freedom to Marry." Meanwhile, the Press Herald confirmed that our opponents in Maine are going to hire the firm of Frank Schubert, who ran the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign in California. Schubert knows where to find money, so Maine Freedom to Marry needs our help and our support. [Link]