Campaigners take fight against ban on the freedom to marry to European court

Posted by Tim Ross on

"Over the last two months four homosexual couples have all been refused marriage licenses at register offices across England, while four heterosexual couples were turned away when they applied for civil partnership status.

"Peter Tatchell, ... coordinating the 'Equal Love' campaign, of which the couples are part, said bans on civil marriages of same-sex couples and civil partnerships of opposite-sex coples were 'a form of sexual apartheid'.

“'Outlawing black marriages would provoke uproar,' he said. 'The prohibition of the freedom to marry should provoke similar outrage.'

"Launching their case on Tuesday, the campaigners will argue that the current ban on marriage equality is a breach of the Human Rights Act, specifically the right to respect for private and family life, the right to marry, and the prohibition of discrimination."

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