Catholics in Baltimore organize in support of the freedom to marry

This weekend, a group of Catholics in Baltimore, Maryland will hold a rally and discussion in support of the freedom to marry for all couples. The group will be discussing strategies for ensuring that the freedom to marry is upheld in Maryland when it goes to the ballot in November. 

In March, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley signed a marriage bill into law, but almost immediately, anti-gay activists began collecting signatures to put the bill before voters in the November election. Now, it is almost certain that Maryland will face a referendum on marriage. 

Catholics for Marriage Equality Maryland, a coalition of faith-based Catholic organizations, has been fervently supporting the freedom to marry in the state since its passage in March.

The discussion this weekend will take place at Goucher College in Towson. The event's primary speaker will be Sister Jeannine Gramick, a Catholic nun who has been speaking out in support of gays and lesbians for many years. 

The coalition of Catholics has also begun a pledge for Catholics to support the freedom to marry. The website that asks people to join explains the significance of marriage and why it matters to faith communities. It reads:

A coalition of Maryland Catholics known as Catholics for Marriage Equality Maryland is passing out these pledge forms to show concretely that a large number of Catholics in the state see marriage equality as a necessary component of Christ-like Catholic social justice doctrine. Will you be one of us?

Freedom to Marry applauds this coalition of Catholics - as well as other pro-marriage religious organizations - for their vocal support of the freedom to marry. This group of people understands that the question of why marriage matters comes down to the Golden Rule - to treat others as you would like to be treated. We appreciate their leadership in the movement to advance the freedom to marry across the country.