Celebrating marriage: Public figures and celebrities cheer for marriage victories

All this week, politicians, athletes, and celebrities have been cheering for our huge Election Day victories in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. We made history by proactively winning the freedom to marry in Maine, upholding the freedom to marry at the ballot in Washingon and Maryland, and blocking an anti-gay constitutional amendment in Minnesota. That's big news - and it's nice to see tons of public figures cheering for the success!
Here's a run-down of some words of support and congratulations from public figures from this week: 
  • President Barack Obama: The president, in addition to being thrilled at his own reelection, is also very pleased with the outcomes from all four marriage ballot campaigns - each of which he endorsed several weeks before the election. One of his advisors, Valerie Jarrett, told Buzzfeed that President Obama is "so absolutely delighted" by the wins, explaining that they "all came down on the right side of history." Read more. 
  • Gov. Martin O'Malley: In a conversation with David Mixner, the Maryland governor, who signed the marriage bill into law in March and campaigned all year to uphold it at the ballot, talked about how happy he was when he saw Question 6 pass. He said, ""I get choked up just thinking about that evening. I looked out over and saw my friends with their children, households headed by LGBT parents and all these people who had come together for a greater good. It was so real to me and so moving. This evening was not abstract - it was about real people with real lives." Read more.
  • Brendon Ayanbadejo: The Baltimore Ravens football player, a straight, married ally who has worked hard to support Question 6 in Maryland the freedom to marry nationwide, celebrated the wins and talked about how some of his fellow NFL players have cheered on the victories, too. This weekend, the Ravens played the Raiders, and Brendon said, "Three Raiders congratulated me on working with and for marriage equality." Read more.
  • Ricky Martin: The singer and Broadway star took to Twitter to congratulate Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington, saying, "EQUALITY prevails!" See the tweet.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson: The recently engaged star of Modern Family tweeted, "Washington State is the third state to win #marriageequality [today]! My heart is full of joy! See the tweet.
  • Dustin Lance Black: The writer of Milk and 8 wrote on his Facebook, "It's tough to type this through the tears of joy. IT'S OFFICIAL: Maine is the first state in history to vote in favor of marriage equality. Thank you Maine. Thank you Maine. Thank you Maine. See the post.
  • Adam Lambert: The American Idol runner-up and pop star congratulated the marriage wins, too. Earlier this year, Lambert played a benefit concert for the Vote for 6 campaign in Maryland. 
  • Lance Bass: The performer exclaimed on Twitter, "Congrats Maine and Maryland!! State by state, people are finally being heard. You're next Mississippi!" See the tweet.