City Councils in Portland and Bangor endorse the freedom to marry for all Mainers

This week, the city councils of two major cities in Maine went on the record with endorsements of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Maine. Marriage advocates in Maine are working to proactively win the freedom to marry at the ballot in November by passing Question 1.

On Monday, the Portland City Council unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the Yes on 1 campaign. The resolution reads: "The city of Portland embraces equality and fair treatment for all residents including the freedom to marry for loving, committed couples."

The resolution also emphasizes that Question 1 protects religious freedom and would allow religious institutions to refuse to perform marriages between same-sex couples.   

Last week, the Bangor City Council unanimously adopted a similar resolution declaring support for marriage between loving and committed same-sex couples.  

Matt McTighe, the campaign manager for Mainers United for Marriage, commented on the endorsements in a press release, saying, "We want to thank the Portland City Council for making a strong endorsement of the freedom to marry and for supporting the initiative that would allow all loving and committed couples to receive a marriage license."

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