Civil union bill to hit Pennsylvania House

As reported by Jen Colletta in the Philadelphia Gay News:

"A Pennsylvania lawmaker is gathering legislative support for a bill that would make civil unions for same-sex couples a reality in the Keystone State.

"The measure, the first of its kind in the Pennsylvania legislature, is being spearheaded by Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Cohen (D-202nd Dist.).

"Cohen said he’s so far secured cosponsorships from 24 lawmakers and another 10 are considering signing on. He expects to officially introduce the bill by April 14.

"Cohen said that while he supports full-marriage equality for same-sex couples, he believes the more logical approach would be to first have the state adopt a civil-union law.

“ 'Civil unions are more attainable in a reasonable period of time than the freedom to marry is,' Cohen said. 'Civil unions don’t give gays the status of marriage, they’re not as good as marriage, but I think right now it’s a much more attainable goal.'

"Civil unions preceded the adoption of the freedom to marry in Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire, although New Jersey, which approved civil unions several years ago, earlier this year saw a failed attempt at marriage equality."

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