Commit a conversation to support same-sex couples in Minnesota!

This week, Minnesotans United for All Families, the coalition of freedom to marry supporters working to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban marriage for the state's same-sex couples, launched a new, targeted campaign. It's called "Vote No MN," and it's focused on asking marriage supporters to spread the word about the amendment. Minnesotans can pledge to "commit a conversation" with one or more people about why marriage matters in the state and why limiting the freedom to marry would be detrimental for same-sex couples, their families, and the broader community.

Minnesotans United points to research demonstrating that 67 percent of people with gay and lesbian friends will vote NO if they are approached and talked to about the importance of marriage.

Vote No MN tries to make the conversation process a little bit easier. They have Conversation Training materials, Conversation Starter kits, and tons of information to help marriage supporters transform into marriage advocates. The group aims to have 25,000 conversations about defeating the amendment that would limit the freedom to marry - and they need all Minnesotans to pitch in to make that happen. 

This tactic of speaking with potential supporters is instrumental in all of our state-level campaigns - from Maine to Maryland to Washington. By helping people understand why marriage matters - and by relating the issue to someone they know personally - we have seen passively supportive or apathetic voters turn into advocates. Minnesotans United's strategy must be replicated throughout the country so that we can win more states and continue to grow the majority for marriage. 

Watch Minnesotans United's new video that helps illustrate their conversation strategy even more effectively: