Corvino: What’s love got to do with it?

Mr. Corvino explains on that those would prevent gay couples from being able to marry often say:

"'Either marriage is a social institution for binding parents (and especially fathers) to their biological offspring, or else it is an adult expression of love' — an expression that these opponents variously dismiss as selfish, empty, or 'fluttery'."

But when asked to supply an example of a "reputable scholar" espousing the idea that marriage is based on the expression of the promise of abiding love between two people, Corvino offers:

“'The inner and essential raison d’etre of marriage is not simply eventual transformation into a family but above all the creation of a lasting personal union between a man and a woman based on love.' What radical, 'fluttery' activist wrote these words? Actually, it was Pope John Paul II."

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