Couples in 4th and 10th Circuits eagerly await the freedom to marry

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied review of five cases seeking the freedom to marry, leaving standing marriage victories in three federal circuits and opening the door to the freedom to marry in many more states. Soon, same-sex couples will have the freedom to marry not only in 24 states and the District of Columbia, and the path to marriage in 6 other states (Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming) is now paved.

Over the past few years, Freedom to Marry has caught up with some of the couples in these 6 states. Today, we celebrate as they await the freedom to marry in their states.

Susan McSpadden & Shannon Feldt • Merriam, KS

Susan and Shannon live with their children, 6-year-old Davis and 3-year-old Georgia, and expressed their commitment to each other two years ago, but their marriage is not respected in their home state. Read more here.

Will Glavaris & Justin Murdock • Huntington, WV

Will and Justin, plaintiffs in Lambda Legal's federal case seeking the freedom to marry in West Virginia, McGee v. Cole, are active members of their church community and long to marry in their home state. Read more here.

Joseph Scaletta & Marcus Gann • Topeka, KS

Joseph and Marcus had a beautiful wedding in New York City last year after spending nine months in a healthy but difficult long-distance relationship. Even though they got through that stronger than ever, they still cannot marry in their home state. Read more here.

Vanessa Lamoreaux & Kendra Tinsley • Topeka, KS

No one was more excited about Vanessa and Kendra's stunning beach wedding than their four-year-old son, Rhett. Vanessa and Kendra were legally married in Massachusetts, but are breathlessly waiting for the day that their marriage will be respected in their home state of Kansas. Read more here.

Nicole Leaf & Carol Mason • Kiawah Island, SC

Nicole and Carol had a gorgeous commitment ceremony in South Carolina in 2012, and then were legally married in New York in 2013. They can't wait for the time when they can legally be seen as a family in their home state. Read more here.

Dennis Massenburg & Clifton Foyd • Wake County, NC

Dennis and Clifton are building their lives in Raleigh, NC, after meeting at a musical ministry project. Earlier this year, they stood with the Campaign for Southern Equality in an action against North Carolina's Amendment One, and are thrilled by the prospect of it being struck down from their state.

Nonie Profft & Cora Courage • Evanston, WY

Nonie and Cora had been together for a year when Cora was deployed as part of her military service for the first time in their relationship in 2005. Since then, they got married in Iowa in 2009, but look forward to the day their marriage will be respected in the state they call their home.

Christopher & Jeff Priela-Tam • Jacksonville, NC

Chris and Jeff celebrated their first wedding anniversary this year while they were thousands of miles away from each other, as Chris was deployed in the army at that time. While on base, the couple's marriage (performed in Washington, D.C.) is respected, but they will be truly relieved when their entire home state respects them as well.