DC Married Couples on The Washington Post’s Live Blog

A sampling of the conversation from The Washington Post's live Q&A:

"Rockville, Md.: No question from me. Just wanted to say congratulations. I'm sorry it took this long for it to happen. I wish the federal government would repeal DOMA. You should have all the rights and benefits that I get. What two adults do is their business, and nobody else's.

Rick Imirowicz: I whole heartedly agree. Thank you for your well wishes.


Chester, Pa.: Best Wishes to you Both!

What does your marriage mean for your children -- now and in the future?

Terrance Heath: Our seven-year-old was excited about the wedding as soon as we told him, and even more excited about playing a part. (In one video, he can be seen giving us a big hugged when we kissed after the vows.

What it means for the future is that I hope my children will benefit from what I had growing up -- a stable, loving home with two parents who love each other, are committed to each other, and married to each other. We hope both our sons marry when they are adults and will be thrilled if they have families of their own."

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