DC Residents Alarmed by Robo-Calls: Anti-gay group, NOM, targets District Voters at Home

MetroWeekly reports:

The calls were received by District residents throughout the day Friday and into the evening. The return phone number being used is (208) 991-1227, and a quick internet search of that number turns up complaints about automated telephone calls for other "right-wing" causes like the "Tea Party" movement. One account of such a robo-call (h/t to Daily Kos):

''I just got called by the National Organization for Marriage

''It consisted of two questions.

''First 'Are you a registered voter?' Answer -- Yes

''Second -- 'Do you believe that marriage between only one man and one woman should be legal?' My answer -- No

''Now this is obviously a trick question. Take out the word 'only' and the answer is obviously 'yes'. But stick in the word 'only" and for a marriage equality supporter such as myself, the only answer that you can give is "no." But, of course, can you expect a bunch of homophobes to ask an honest question, such as 'Do you believe that marriage should be legal between gay and lesbian couples?''

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