Dedicating our victory to enduring couples like Ralph and Paul

As yesterday's historic victory sinks in, the one couple that keeps coming to mind is Ralph Hodgdon and Paul McMahon. I remember meeting them, along with courageous activists who were leading the charge with the Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts, in about 2001. At the time, they were carrying a sign that read "47 Years Together!" Here they are, joyously marching with a new sign, one year after marrying in the Boston Common on their 49th anniversary.

I had coffee with them a couple of years ago, and they both told me how they could leave this world happy, hopeful that the next generations of LGBT people would never have to experience the hell that they went through living as a committed couple in the pre-Stonewall era and its aftermath.

Sadly, Paul passed away shortly after our get-together, but I dedicate this win to you, Ralph and Paul, and to all the other amazing couples who show everyone that our love endures.

It is what our struggle is all about.