Despite lifetime of service, burial rights are buried for decorated gay veteran

Two-time bronze star awardee? Check. Legally married? Check. Well-earned military honor actually honored to include same-sex spouse? That would be a “no”. Here’s yet another example of how DOMA defends nothing and discriminates plenty.??

”It was devastating to learn that,” said Mr. Hopkins' husband, Tom Casey Hopkins. “We were asked if we've made alternate plans. I just feel like there's no reason that a gay spouse should not be able to be buried with his partner.

”??Neither does the attorney general. On May 26, a lawyer for that office urged a federal judge to strike down the 1996 federal law that defines marriage as a union exclusively between a man and a woman, citing the Hopkins' dilemma as an example of the “invidious discrimination” that deprives gay married couples of the benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples.??

Today, as the United States celebrates its proud history, it seems fitting to ask: Is this really the kind of nation we want to be? Isn't it time to stop denying men such as Darrel Hopkins the civil rights they deserve and the respect that they've earned?”

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