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It has been almost 21 years since our youngest child, Liz, came out to us.

At that moment, Julia and I knew that our daughter had not changed -- she had simply shared a core part of her being with us.

Butshortly after, we began to notice that freely showing affection for oneanother in public was something that we had taken for granted. No onebats an eyelash when we embrace. The same is not true for Liz and herpartner.

And, that's why we ask you to join us in supporting Freedom to Marry:

We believe from the bottom of our hearts that Liz deserves the samerespect and dignity, the same rights, privileges and obligations thatflow so naturally to her two older brothers.

Liz's brothers havealways had the choice to marry their chosen partners, or not. They haveexercised that choice, in both directions at different times. And theyhave given us five wonderful grandchildren.

Liz and her partner Lisa do not have that choice. They are forcedto go forward in their life together without the respect and dignitythat is conferred by Marriage.

Freedom to Marry is aninstitution committed to achieving equality and respect and dignity. Sowe made a significant donation in hopes for a brighter future -- for Liz and Lisa and for all same-sex couples. Will you join us by making a generous donation today?

Despite what government-sanctioned discrimination may suggest, we know our daughter is not a second-class citizen. And we will not sit idly as anti-gay groups bully and harass our children and grandchildren, denying their worth.

For parents, there is nothing more offensive and intensely painful.

With 27 years of experience in leading the fight for equality, Evan Wolfson and Freedom to Marry offer us hope. Hope for marriage equality and hope for a world free of discrimination.

That is why we support Freedom to Marry. We urge you to join us with a contribution.

With you in the fight,

Sam and Julia Thoron