Election results: Pro-marriage candidates win big!

The election results are in and the good news is that in the midst of a challenging election, pro-marriage candidates won big.  Across the country, from New York to California, Americans showed up at the polls and cast their ballots for candidates who support the freedom to marry. Pro-marriage governors were elected in key states such as California, New Hampshire, Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island. Even in this tough political environment, when so many of us are concerned with jobs and America's direction, support for the freedom to marry is there -- and Freedom to Marry has a pathway for moving forward.

Our Executive Director Evan Wolfson taped this special video to explain the election results and what they mean for our movement—please take a moment to watch the video and then tell us how you’ll help take out momentum forward to win key marriage victories in 2011:



The so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and other anti-gay groups spent millions of dollars to defeat judges who ruled in favor of marriage in Iowa, and to try to elect anti-gay legislators in the District of Columbia and New Hampshire. NOM's funneled funding had mixed results -- but NOM won't stop there. We will have to remain vigilant in defending marriage against assaults by NOM and its ilk, even as we press forward to rack up more wins and gain more ground.


Freedom to Marry's Roadmap to Victory is the three-track strategy for the campaign to win nationwide:

  • Win marriage in more states
  • Grow the majority for marriage
  • Tackle and end federal marriage discrimination

Election 2010 was a green light for moving forward. With the election behind us, we now turn to working to win key legislative victories in 2011 and seizing opportunities for growing the support for gay and lesbian families -- fighting at the state and federal levels. Freedom to Marry has its eyes on the prize and the plan for 2011, and we want your help. We're a grassroots campaign and we need your time and support to make change -- good change -- happen.


Watch our election results video and then tell us how you'll step up and join the campaign to win: